flybridge extension for tender

Discussion in 'Stability' started by bolsado, May 27, 2010.

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    Boat- 37' LOA, 12'10" beam, 3.5' draft, 13.5' ft ht, Aluminum hulled express crusier, 20,000 lbs full displacement

    I am contemplating a flybridge extension to cover the aft cockpit and provide for placing 2 jet skis or a 14' or less tender.

    As starting point I am very roughly estimating supporting superstructure and misc wt would be about 250 lbs, PWC wt 2,000 lbs, assumed deck ht remains @ 13.5' w/ 2.5' more for PWC's

    Wondering if there are basic guidelines one can follow to get an approximation if basic assumptions are into the danger zone or close enough that getting a navel architec involved would be worth the cost.:?:
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    A competant NA should be able to just look at it and tell quickly if it is absolutely absurd, but will likely have to do some calculations to be sure. Your best bet though is to call the manufacturer of the boat and ask if they have any experience dealing with this type of extension, if so ask for contact info of the owner who did the job and ask them how it went.
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    absolutely absurd

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    I would start with a clear picture of the present situation and add the extension to it, using Photo Paint of Photo Shop.
    Then you can decide if the result is something you want to be seen in.
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