flow net/mesh for infusing

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Vanbokklen, Jun 29, 2004.

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    surface flow net/mesh for infusing

    Anyone like to give any tips on the best place to buy surface flow netting for resin infusing?

    Airtech is $100 for their 60" x 88' roll of red LPDE netting:

    Is there anyplace to get it cheaper and possibly even softer more flexable material? Maybe even something different than a netting like that which Airflow sells? Less expensive is important.
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    Thanks. I will defintely look into this flow meduim. What you recommended here is an innerlaminate flow medium. It could possibly work good for some of my projects. But this medium you mention is Very Very expensive!!! It is quite a bit more cost than the Airflow stuff and a couple of other brands that I know about. But thanks again for pointing it out, I did not know of it.

    Anyone else have a lead on "surface medium" netting/mesh with 1/8" strand spacing like the Airflow stuff, but just a whole lot cheaper. The Airflow stuff is only low denisity polyethelene mesh/netting and should not be near the price that Airflow wants for it. It has to be had much cheaper elsewhere. Anyone!?!

    Or if there is another surface medium I can put above the peelply, maybe not a mesh even, that would work and be cheaper.

    Send me a private message if you must. Thanks!
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    I know this thread is very old, but I the question has much relevance to me. Does anyone know of a flow medium that works well on the cheap side. I've tried the shade cloth, window screen, and net like fabric from walmart. I have even combined them not getting the results I'm looking for. The greenflow 75 from Airtech works very good. But as I said, I'm looking for cheap. Thanks for any replies on this old thread.
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    The cheapest by far I found is shade cloth, 50% shade material I use has similar flow rate and resin consumption as the airtech greenflow but is only one directional.
    Try Del Star, dont know what their prices are like but I have some nice looking samples from them.
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    we can supply the resin flow net to you!

    We are a factory named SANNO PLASTIC&WIRE MESH CO.,LIMITED-CHINA for making resin flow netting, you can visit our website following to get more infomations.
    We supply our infusion netting to a lot of companies with cheaper price and higher quality.
    Now we have two kinds of resin flow netting, one is 100g/sqm and price is US$0.50 /sqm fob tianjin port china ; the other one is 230g/sqm and its price is US$0.92 /sqm fob tianjin port china.
    1) 100g/sqm roll size= 1.2m x 100m
    2) 230g/sqm roll size= 1.2m x 50m

    If you want to get more info, so please send us a email by sales@plastic-nets.com then we will reply to you soon.

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    Just an FYI for those out there searching....

    Shopped in the USA instead of going overseas.


    Good customer service and quality product. Just a suggestion for a good source for those in need.

    Good Luck
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