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    I'm sorry, but I have to warn against "lifting too much" and no focusing on any thing else.~ This is one of the most common things you can do to mess up your future service potential.~

    The majority of the following is directed towards those who know nothing about the military and who have never been in the military before:

    No matter what movies you have seen about the military, forget about them, they are almost all unrealistic or the events they describe happen very rarely or less than half of the time.~

    The first thing most people who have never been in the military need to do is to realize that most of them ("Civilians") know nothing to almost nothing about anything military at all.~

    First of all: the military most of the time does not need nor want "pure bodybuilders" or "people who do nothing but lift a lot of things up and put them down", these kinds of people are often physically slow, weigh too much (the biggest problem I see most people have is that they weigh too much and some of them have a lot of muscle, in fact I know 1 football player in the DEP with me who has this problem), and some are actually the first to tire out just during basic training.~

    The problem with "lifting a lot of weight" is that it is often done in short bursts and in a way that only works out one specific part of your body or muscle group.~

    Forget about "lifting a lot", YOU DON'T NEED TO LIFT ANY GYM WEIGHTS AT ALL WHEN IT COMES TO MOST OF THE MILITARY, seriously I don't have enough money to go to gym even if I wanted to and I do fine.~

    The second is more than 80% of all jobs in the military are NON-DIRECT-COMBAT, the military has its' own cities, it needs people from every job of life: from accountants, to doctors, to scientists, to firemen, to cooks, to air-conditioning repair men, to contractors, to lawyers, to architects, to engineers, to public relations, to reporters, to weather people (me), to parachute maintenance, etc..~

    Things to remember when it comes to the military:

    1. It doesn't matter how awesome your body looks, if you are unable to do a proper push-up, no number of rippling glistening shining godly muscles is going to make up for that.~

    2. It doesn't matter how much you can lift, if you fall behind during basic training running you could be sent to a remedial physical training class.~

    (Most important) 3. Forget about how your body LOOKS (separate from your uniform), it's all about WHAT you can 'do'.~


    I don't use any kind of weights at all.~

    I use my own body weight to do every thing with endlessly creative ways to work out.~

    The only exception is a duffle bag I put a little bit of dirt into, strap onto my back, and travel 1 mile around my house of almost 1 acre; I do this once in a while on a weekly basis (because regular running was too easy for me).~

    Remember these things and you'll probably do fine:

    1. Stop eating things you know and learn about things that are unhealthy for you like most: cookies, cake, candy, ice cream, chips, any thing cheap in a 'disposable' package.~ These things provide you with 'empty calories' meaning they taste appealing but have almost no nutrition=no energy and/or are full of artificially fine-processed concentrated sugar that provides too much 'energy' and rots your teeth, when your body receives too much 'energy' it converts it into 'fat' and saves it for 'when you need it'.~

    2. Eat things you know and learn about things that are healthy for you, the rawer and the closer to from-the-ground the better like: raw unpackaged foods at the market place like potatoes, carrots, vegetables, fruits, rice, beans, nuts, paper-wrapped fresh meat, etc.~ You can cook these things in any way you can imagine, but some of them are best raw like carrots and celery.~

    3. LEARN HEALTHY EATING HABITS, you WILL be offered unhealthy choices at basic training and throughout your military life, if you choose to eat these things and exclude your healthy foods, you WILL suffer the consequences of getting tired and getting cramps among other things, and you WILL be singled-out for your poor physical performance and you will have no one to blame but yourself because you are responsible to take care of yourself like an adult.~

    4. Don't drink any alcohol, don't smoke legal and non-legal any thing, and don't use any kind of non-doctor-proved prescribed over-the-counter substances.~ The military or at least the Navy has a ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY and you will be randomly subjected to testing for both without warning at any time as long as you are in the military and if found for sure positive you will be discharged (no-longer working for the military) and not allowed to re-enlist.~ There are specific times and places where you ARE ALLOWED TO DRINK ALCOHOL AND SMOKE LEGAL TOBACCO CIGARETTES, NEVER ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES, NEVER MARIJUANA, learn them and know them.~

    5. Study, learn, practice, and know every thing the military tells you to learn, study, practice, and know.~

    6. When it comes to every thing physical, mental, and every thing: always explore, learn, push-yourself, challenge yourself, experience things, and have fun!~ ^_^

    If push-ups are too easy try up-side down push-ups in addition, if sit-ups are too easy try up-side down sit-ups in addition, etc.~

    Focus on push-ups and sit-ups, and get their forms correct or they don't count, you need to be able to do the minimum, in the Navy 42 push-ups and 50 curl-ups (sit-ups) in under 1 minute and 1.5 mile run in under 12:30 minutes and seconds (this is for Males Ages 17-19, it goes down for Females slightly and for both goes down slightly the older you are).~

    Focus on pull-ups and chin-ups, for the Navy I'm not sure whether or not they are required for basic training but they are definitely required if you're interested in pursuing a career in Special Forces, you need to be able to do at least around 10 non-stop and complete a 500 yard swim in 12:30 minutes and seconds.~

    Don't worry so much about numbers (#'s), focus on endurance and ability if you can do multiple sets of 10-20 sets or minutes of every thing through out the entire day: like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, pull-ups, chin-ups, running, walking, jogging, climbing, jumping, etc., all without getting wiped-out tired then you are making progress.~

    I know a future Navy Seal who passed his physical entrance exam, he said he did 20 push-ups and every thing else throughout the day, every-single-day, for 3 years to prepare and he was on his high-school's swimming team as swimming is a HUGE part of ANY Special Forces in the Navy.~ Oh and he is tall and very skinny, military people even Special Forces come in all shapes and sizes.~ He said some thing very important.~

    7. The physical part is hard in any thing military, but by far the hardest part is the mental part.~ Learn this attitude: always try to be prepared and never-give-up.~ This will take you far not only in the military but in many things in life.~

    I hope I helped you understand the Navy military a little bit more.~ ^_^
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    ColorsWolf; you are writing in the presence of many former and present military men and perhaps a few military women. You are being egregiously presumptious to presume to advise veterans as well as highly experienced boatmen. You are also posting in a forum where many of the contributors are high ranking authorities on boats and their design and use principles.

    If you are working on your ASVAB testing you are way behind the curve. That is stuff that you should have learned in high school. I am a former Coast Guardsman. Your writing suggests that you have no realistic idea about what we Coasties actually do and how they conduct their corps. If you become a CG recruit you will discover that those grisly old Bosun mate CPOs will sort you out in a New York instant.

    I suspect that you might be some sort of misdirected troll who is in need of assistance from a licenced therapist. If not that, you might be a young know it all that will soon discover that you actually do not know it all.
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    Um, I'm already in the Navy.~

    I think you are behind on the updated status of this thread, sorry.~

    My last post was directed towards those who know nothing of the military and who have never been in the military before and those who may not be aware of the danger of "lifting" too much.~

    I truly meant the best with my personal knowledge of every thing I have learned so far and every thing that I myself practice.~

    kerosene, thank you for the link perhaps there are some benefits for "lifting" to increase your strength, I just wanted to warn against the pitfalls of "lifting too much" and the additional problems following those who do not focus on working on other areas of their physical abilities.~ I'm sorry I could have made that clearer on my last post and I have edited my last post to reflect this.~

    I am beginning to read the article provided by you and I must say it has me interested, perhaps I will learn some thing new from this, we shall see.~

    I will post once I have finished reading it.~

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    Update: Finished reading the article accessed through the link provided in kerosene's last post.~

    I still have no access to a gym and very little idea of what that man in the article was talking about because I don't understand gym terms, but I did get the idea that working on my pure overall strength is a wonderful idea so I have duffle bag and dirt: I'll see what I can do with that.~

    Thanks for every thing every one.~

    No more updates until I do some thing boat-building related.~
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