Fjord Diplomat Re-engine

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by dino75, Jul 28, 2010.

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    dino75 New Member

    There's a 1970's Fjord Diplomat (30ft) lying in a yard near me with twin Volvo Penta inboard petrols and I think I could buy it very cheap. I really like the design of the boat and it's exactly what I'd like to buy. The current engines are Volvo Penta Petrols (Aq170's I think) coupled to 280 outdrives. They need to be replaced with diesels. I spotted this boat when I did some googling
    It has 2x200hp Volvo's on duoprops and it does 35 knots. The boat weights around 4000kg or 8800lbs. I was thinking about marinizing a pair of Ford Transit Turbo Diesels and they generate around 145hp. I would like the boat to be capable of around 20 knots. Will these engines be powerful enough and would I need duoprops?
    If anyone has done a similar project then I would be interested to hear about it. I have checked with Lancing maring in the UK and they do ready to go Transit (puma) engines but they are very expensive.

    Any info greatly appreciated.
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    You will need to regear the outdrive. Also, there will be more corrosion. The outdrives for diesel installations have epoxy coating in the exhaust.
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    They need to be replaced with diesels.

    Are you really going to operate over 2000 hours every year so diesels would pay back in a decade?

  4. anthony goodson
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    anthony goodson Senior Member

    FAST FRED is quite right ,since Tony Blair sold us all up the river and did away with red diesel ,petrol makes more sense than it did in the UK. As long as it is done safely it is ok. And please nobody mention the heating exemption ,this is just a con to keep us all quiet until they have got away with it. They will seize a few boats in a year or two and that will be the end of that.
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    Hi Dino75,
    i am a new member in this forum and i have read your message.

    I am an owner of a 1976 Fjord Diplomat with twin Volvo Penta inboard petrols AQ 170 B and Z's VP 270. The Motor with a maximum power of 170 HP is the best for this boat. Det Norske Veritas did type approval on this boat in 1970 according to the Nordic Boat Standard. The boat exist in the list of type approved pleasure crafts from 1970 (enclosed). It is certified for 2x170hp engine power and a maximum of 15 persons on board according to the list. With a weight of 4500-5000 kg you can drive a maximum speed from 30-35 miles an hour.

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    Hi Dino -

    I think I used to own the boat you are talking about. I looked into re engining her with diesels, and subject to finances, it was very easy to convert. If you wish email me and I'll let you know. I also would love to know what happened to her. Isd she called Castaway Bay?


  7. whitepointer23

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    why. anyone i know would put a through hull exhaust outlet in , cheaper and easier to maintain. i think the gearing should be okay, transit diesels have a similar rpm range to petrol engines. this conversion, especially if you do it your self should be fairly cost effective. wish you were near me, i would buy your 2 aq170's to replace my v8's. i really like those engines.
  8. dino75
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    dino75 New Member

    Thanks for the replies folks. I didn't go ahead with the purchase in the end because it was going to be too expensive and I had a slight chance in circumstances... (weddings and boat buying don't happen in the same year). Anyway the boat is indeed Castaway Bay. It was lying on the hard looking very unloved for a long time but it was bought last year and they have cleaned it up very well. As far as I know they are still running the petrol engines but I haven't seen it out on the water at all.
    The Diplomat is a lovely design and hopefully I'll some day I'll get an opportunity to buy one. I know of one other in Ireland. I has grey gelcoat and was reengined with iveco's. It used to be called The Flying Minta. Lovely boat.

  9. Diplomat
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    Diplomat New Member

    Fjord Diplomat w Cummins MerCruiser Diesel 4.2ES 300

    I re-powered my 1972 Fjord Diplomat, fm 2 x 170 HP Volvo Penta B30 Petrol to Single Cummins MerCruiser Diesel 4.2 ES 300. 284 Hp shaft power on Bravo 2 Drive.

    I am very happy with the performance. The weight saved on single installation and the reduced drag of only one drive pays off.

    Recommended propeller from yard where i bought engine was Propeller 19x19 (Aluminium). Speed 29,2 kts with 4150 rpm (Recommended max 3600-3900RPM): Meaning boat being easier load than expected. Replaced propeller: Increased pitch to 21" (19,5" diam). Propeller vendor expected drop of 300RPM. Speed increased to 30,5. Still 100 RPM too high. In same time as increasing pitch, a lot of equipment/weight has been added in the boat. Again: despite 22 deg deep V-hull: Boat easier load than expected.

    I have now purchased a stainless steel propeller, 18 1/4 x 22" pitch, and look forward to testing.

    The hull is a full planing 22 deg V hull. You should make sure you have power to at least 26-27 knots to get the full planing performance. When approaching 30 knots the hull is really on top of the water and performing optimal (explaining the RPM not dropping as much as expected). And the hull indicates that it is ready for significantly more power/speed.

    Smooth ride in rough seas. Dry experience onboard as water is "thrown away" from hull. (Overtaking modern cruisers with this classic vessel is a joy.)

    I bought the boat old and worn, and fell in love with the amazing hull. I decided to make it as new, and have spent "too much" on total refurbishment.

    The designer of Fjord Diplomat was Jan Herman Linge; Norway's greatest boat designer of his time. His many internationally acclaimed designs include Motor torpedo boats (exported to USA, Germany, Greece, Turkey.) Soling: Olympic class sailing boat from 1968-2000 (!). When Soling was retired the 1967 little sister "Yngling" was chosen as Olympic class for women from Olympic Games 2004 (at this time a 37 year old design!). Linge has designed for Fjord, Windy, Draco, Saga etc. His designs remains classics still appreciated in the market. The -ling ending is a signature on many of his designs: Fjordling,Wesling,Gambling, etc.
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