fittings for Seastar hydraulic steering

Discussion in 'OnBoard Electronics & Controls' started by naturewaterboy, Sep 12, 2009.

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    I am reinstalling the Seastar hydraulic steering in my boat. I have two helm stations and twin outboards. The boat was inboards, I converted to outboards. I've removed the old hydraulic lines and plan to replace all lines and fittings with new stuff. I need some T fittings. Are these hardware store fittings, or are there special T fittings?

    Also, when the lines go thru the transom, I see they sell some special fitting. I want to run my hydraulic lines together with the fuel line and electric lines and control cables in a neat, 2 or 3 inch protective flex tube. Do I need anything besides regular hydraulic line to go thru the transom into a protective tube?
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