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    Hi everyone,I'm trying to figure out the best way to divide (breaK down) deck and superstructure (cabin) molds for a 55 ft fisherman.
    The boat has a Fly and it is possible to have a single mold for the deck and superstructure (cabin) ,including the fly since all the draft agles are positive except for the part under the fly (where the door is located )
    As I see from theire websites, both Viking and Bertram make Deck and Cabin in a single piece.
    The thing is that I would like not to have to glue and screw the superstructure to the lower part of the cabin,this way though, I will not be able to include the interior of the cabin in the deck mould,the interior could be done with what I call in Italian a "countermoulded piece" that have to be attatched to the inside of the single piece deck + cabin, or the interior could be done in wood,since all the interiors wil lbe done like this.

    So the 2 solutions are :
    1 mould for deck and cabin and interior of the cabin up to the area just below the glasses and then another mould for top of cabin and fly.
    1 mould for the whole cabin and fly and hand made interiors or "countermould" for the interior.

    It's difficult to explain since english is not my lenguage,hope I have been clear,I may post some more screenshots to make it clearer...attatched is one picture
    If anyone has some pictures of something similar (building pics) it would be helpful.
    Thanks in advance,

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