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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by dirwin, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. dirwin
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    dirwin New Member

    hi i was wondering if anyone could help me out i would like to build a house boat for my family to use when we go down to my cottage in P.E.I and i really dont have the money to buy on lol so im stuck building one i would like to build most of it from my own design but i just dont know what materail to use and how to go about making it so it dose not sink so basicly im just lookinf for help on the meterail to use and maby if there is one out there a free plan for the base of the boat somthing that i can build my own cabin ontop of. any help would be great thanks in advance

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    It would be much cheaper to buy used and fix her up than to build from scratch. Sorry. :(
  3. dirwin
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    dirwin New Member

    yes it probly would be but since i get wood for almost nothing from my grandfathers freinds mill for me i think it would be cheaper to build but not only that i also want the satisfaction of knowing i build it myself so i would still like to constucted the boat myself but thanks for the suggestion.


  4. pungolee
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    The best thing to do is get an old hull in the 25-40 foot range and build the cabin on top.You can find good deals on unfinished hulls and used junk in need of repowering.A friend of mine built one on top of an old 30 foot hull with outrigger tanks full of old two litre coke bottles with the cap on.He lived on it for two years in the swamp.Go fiberglass for your hull,heavy coat of bottom paint,gut the interior,and start building your cabin.You can mount an outboard later to move it around(25 will do)or call Sea Tow to take it to the next port.Don't worry about looks,make it seaworthy and get everything to work first.
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