Final polish of mold

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by gages, Apr 25, 2015.

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    Im super excited , manufactured a plug out of foam made a great mould everything went well , sanded the mold surface down to 2000 grit and used 3m premium mold cutting compound and it's already looking a million $$$ but I don't have anything to do the final polish with..aaaahhhh...bad planning :(and I'm three days awy from suppliers there anything I could use from an auto shop to get the shine up or do I just hold my enthusiasm and wait for the 3m finishing material ?

    I'm planning on using a wax release system never PVA the mold if that helps

    Will I wait or can I use something else

    I have a Meguiars NXT tech wax that makes for a killer shine on the pulled part but not sure if too use it in a mould

    Advice for an impatient glasses :)

  2. Jim Caldwell
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    PVA is the barrier that prevents the epoxy from going thur the wax and sticking to your mold.
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    I don't believe that is a carnuba-based wax. It might give you a pretty shine, but its durability isn't that great (my experience using it on car paint). You are going to want to stick to a hard carnuba-based wax. 7 applications should do it.

    You might want to also use PVA as well since it is a virgin mold. There was an excellent write-up somewhere on here on how to apply PVA.
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