Filipino style trimaran

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by samytee, Mar 27, 2018.

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    I don't quite understand your point but I didn't suggest that you use miles (as in 1.609km) but nautical miles (as in 1.852 km). It is not going to change a 1350 "knot" voyage to 1500+ but exactly the same 1350 Nautical miles.

    Another necodote. Quality filming drones go about 30 mph. Doesn't look like the boats would be doing double that.
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    You can add as many words as you like, doesn't bother me one bit.

    But when you start off by saying those bancas can do 60 knots....and then with every reply the conditions change and change the point where it is....aahh, well, just a figure of speech, is utter nonsense. Who are you trying to kid? There are many experienced and intelligent posters on this forum. It seems like you're more suited to a political social injustice rant website like Breitbart than a technical forum. Since on here claims must be supported so others can see if you are telling the truth and if you know what you're talking about.

    And yet more lame excuses.... You may not bother to fact check...but many many others on this forum do. Simply because of charlatans that pop up once in a while claiming endless rubbish.

    So, either post opinions or cannot subvert one for the other, it is as transparent as the air.
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    I checked again this time in Linkidin. Yes, he is not a Mariner. He just have;

    BS degree- Fisheries, University of the Philippines, Cum Laude
    MS degree- Ocean Engineering, University of Washington
    Doctorate- Naval Architecture, University of Tokyo

    So from your point of view, he does not know anything about fish, ocean, or ship design. Am I correct?

    And Oh! He is a member of Boat He could be lurking right now, watching us.
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    @ kerosene:
    I will try and break the bad habit of referring to n.m. as kt or knots. Apparently the Transpac Yacht Club itself has decided to state the distance of it's OWN RACE from San Pedro - Honolulu incorrectly as 2225-miles rather than instill a "new distance" into the minds of many skippers , so confusion may not be as rampant now as it was when I grew up because all skippers can now just conveniently ignore the suffix n.m. instead. If one were to use an incorrect usage of 1 knot as a distance of 1 knot instead of 1 N.M. , then it is easier to calcalate both ETA and estimate distance using the degrees on a chart. The units also cancel correctly when you explain to someone unfamiliar with knots . I had no intention of maligning your suggestion rather more like a snide at a certain "NA from Japan" that he might choose reading in context rather then exposing his fraudulent title. I'm serious thinking of labeling my title as "Guru" rather than continuing to take BS. I will try not to use "knots" incorrectly. No telephoto lenses in drones yet?
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    Can anyone produce even a picture more suitable for samytee's SOR than Kasai Village's dive boat? That 20k I posted previously was an appraisal "for sale by owner" but there isn't more than $6,000 of labor/materials in it if one were to supervise/help/pay to build it. $150/ton(est. based on Rxcomposite's net ton description of nameless fishing craft - which may have (2) 16 hsp motors inline - I think just one and I stand by that-because it only displaces 4.5 tons) or 55cents/lbs (simple math)

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    So from your point of view, he does not know anything about fish, ocean, or ship design. Am I correct?

    And Oh! He is a member of Boat He could be lurking right now, watching us.[/QUOTE]

    I have no worries about potential "lurkers". If you think it is a good idea for me to remove tongue-in-cheek comments about what I truly believe could motivate an obviously well educated person to tie apple A with orange B in that manner to support such conclusion, I'll do so. I thought it was "fair play". It would be very simple for you to ask him, as he is your friend. I don't want to waste his time. It's more of a political argument I have with his abstract anyways. I don't believe separating good intentions from actual results academically is good for much. I've seen to much legislation been "edited" at its inception, revised during its reign, and enforced on the unintended "victims" . As I have spent far too much time of my life in the company of Filipino fisherman, both at sea and at home, there is no way for me to believe any legislation in the world could possibly help us out, much less show us how to design and build better mga bangka for the purpose of our own ultimate survival.
    Ewan ko sa iyo! Ba't itatanong mo ko iyan. Di ka na ba maniwala sa sarili mo lang!!
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    So let me get this straight... 1) It is your claim that I should be held accountable to your misinterpretation of what I said? "20 - 60 knots OUT TO SEA" means what to you??
    2) then, did you or did you not remove or had removed my post before any other editing, on my part, of my OWN posts occurred, which would have cleared any confusion you might have had ? Either way you answer your admitting your agenda oriented style of communicating considering the FACT that you re-posted parts of my authentic posts with quotes after I edited or removed them.
    3) if I have to baby things for you about how strong or weak my opinion is, that would be acceptable to you?
    4) YOU get this straight - It is my strong opinion that YOU had my post with the Filipino fishing and racing bangkas in them removed on some trumped up copyright accusation. I got it straight of of you tube. The viewership of "Butig Bangkarera" rose from 64,000 to 68,000 in 5 days after taking 220 days to reach 64,000. It is a fact that monohulls do nothing for consumers other than cost more up front and are designed to waste more money after purchase - especially the power boat sector. It is a fact that I'm going to click the share button, then the copy button (provided by the site itself), and then the paste button. The 5 or 6 unlimited class bangkas are the only ones I asked anyone's opinion as to their speed. Any of the other bangka shown are different divisions of fishing mga bangka. I believe now(strongest opinion) that the red racing bangka is "speeding" at 50 knots+ in one second, from 11:03 to 11:04 in video, the champion's racing bangka clearly moves 6 boat lengths while passing the 30 ft light blue fishing bangka which itself is moving at 3 or 4 knots. So take that as the slower of the two boats because "overtime surigao" blew past "rescuer" near the crowds at the finish line.

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    Trouble is, you cannot stop writing endless drivel, then when someone highlights the inaccuracies and errors in them and you go back and delete them - as if no one noticed you deleting them - and then write endless verbal diarrhoea as your reply and constantly flip-flopping, and now - you seem to mistake me for someone who gives a damn about you and your opinies.

    I'd rather watch paint dry.

    You have constantly been shown to write utter nonsense and cannot support your wilds claims by evidence of your backtracking and deleting.

    I have no idea what your agenda is on this forum...but it seems every time you post, far too many people spot your wide erroneous claims and point them out to you....upon which you start your MO of deleting the claims in an attempt to save face..

    This is a forum for people that come for advice and guidance. The collroary of what you post. Ergo you should find someone other website more suited to your myopic echochamber view of facts, like Breitbart.
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    BlueBell Ahhhhh...

    More good video.
    Love the stabilized monohulls!

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    Hi samytee, any luck with your project? I am currently in the early process of building a 55ft banca. Let's talk. Cheers
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