Fiberglass in bilge flexing from under stringer on New boat.

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by CFCC, May 27, 2015.

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    I'll apologize now if I'm in the wrong spot or site. But I'm looking for help . I bought a new 25ft CC last June from a custom builder in Florida. I live in Boston . Well The Boat has been real nice but over the winter I noticed a couple of cracks in some areas . One in bilge on port side. One in a port storage locker - and one on a built in shelf in transom . (that was glass taped) I contacted builder and he said it was just the tape that may not have been prepped right - basically shitty prep . I fixed the storage locker and grinded away the bad delaminated area till solid glass and epoxied matt and 1708 . Looks better than factory now - I fixed the transom which I though was real serious but turned out to be glass tape to bond shelf that is there. I saved the bilge for last and I think I have a bigger problem. I really hope not but look for advice to fix it or to have it surveyed - I really don't want to go down to Florida if I don't have to but if this boat is delaminating then I have to take action . While I cleaned the amine blush in forward locker I fixed the water runs down on outside of stringer and drains into bilge thru horseshoe cutout. The crack is just below this on inside of stringer. Well I noticed water leaking from crack which is about a foot or so long . This is telling me water is coming from under stringer - it was only coming from one spot in crack close to horseshoe . I grinded away and away - nothing laminated which I believe is tabbing for stringer . I stopped and stuffed screwdriver under stringer in horseshoe and the hull floor flexes under stringer showing a gap for about six inches . Has me very worried . There is no way to get into the other bulkhead -(fish box) The boat has a liner and cap they would have to be cut to expose other side of stringer. Now the stringer feels solid but the bilge floor seems very thin now after all the grinding I did . I was told to grind more floor and up stringer and then basically glass again - using tabbing method . How do I get under stringer - gap is a hairline when flexed . I can post pics etc . Would appreciate any advice - Thanks for your time.
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