Fiberglass Clear Coat Turned Cloudy

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Mubarik, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Mubarik
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    Mubarik Mubarik

    Hi All
    I am new to the fiberglass boat building industry, but before i start my boat i have collected a lot information from a lot of sources,

    so i Start my fiberglass boat project..... first layer of fiber glass coat went very nicely cured, but the second layer when time of doing it was very clear but time it get cured turned cloudy,

    working time at night .
    Temp +27 or 29
    Humid 68% to 70%
    Working Place Maldives

    My question is,
    i keep on doing layer by layer when it is cloudy (not Very Much)

    What will be the impact later that big Issue

    can any one give me the comment or feed back, that would be really appreciated.
  2. Mr Efficiency
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    Mr Efficiency Senior Member

    Sounds a little like water absorption. No dew formed on it ? Put it out in the sun if you can and see if it changes back to clear. If you delay the next lamination, you probably should sand it to ensure a better bond.
  3. Mubarik
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    Mubarik Mubarik

    thank for you prompt reply..
    I'll try and see...

  4. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    Umm, if you are using Epoxy, I can help from experience.

    Is it over wood ?

    As well as moisture, you may want to think about entrapped air from overworking the resin.

    For example, if you are glassing with epoxy over wood, all the tutorials say to squeegee the epoxy from the keel line to the chine, and then discard the residue on the scraper, to avoid a cloudy finish from entrapped air.

    If you work the epoxy or polyester a lot ( squeeging back and forth) you will get entrapped air the will make the glass go cloudy.

    From a structural point of view, its not a problem, but it doesnt look as good.
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