Ferries Safety

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    Another Ferry issue
    The MS Norman Atlantic have been a fire on board.
    "The ship had been inspected at Patras, Greece on 19 December; six serious deficiencies had been found, relating to emergency lighting, fire doors and lifesaving capacity on board the vessel. The owners were served with a notice giving them fifteen days to remedy the deficiencies"
    No fire alarm had been sounded.
    I think the actual ferry concept must be evaluated regarding to vehicle Watertight compartmentalization, anti-fire system and passenger deck's material specification. The Crew Training protocol must be review and/or to be properly required.
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    Like any human endeavor, the safety of ships can always be improved. That said, I venture to think that the biggest problem is the lack of proper maintenance, lack of crew training and lassitude of some inspectors institutions, administrations, which should not only detect defects but should prevent boat go with them.
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