features of Ship Works, module for Solid Works

Discussion in 'Software' started by djordje, Apr 18, 2011.

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    djordje New Member

    Hi, I am interesting in features of Ship Works, modul for Solid works. My company builds large ships, mostly tankers (100m) and we are considering to change Auto CAD and Rinoceros for Solid Works and mabe Ship Works. I want to know others opinion and experience about this, specially about Ship Works...
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    ACuttle Marine Design Engineer

    I don't have experience with ShipWorks but I have used Solidworks for a lot of projects. I found that for any vessel over 30m Solidworks struggled to handle the information - if Shipworks deals with things better then it might be alright.

    Speak with the reseller, and either produce or get an example project before you commit.

    Shipconstructor might be a useful alternative which does work on larger projects and may work with your existing Rhino and AutoCAD software.
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