FEA issues with data exchange

Discussion in 'Software' started by gauchopaddler, Jan 26, 2011.

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    I have been stalled by software data exchange and the likes of incompatible curves and surfaces.

    Thus far into my project I am using Maxsurf to export my hull as a .dxf to Solidworks. Once opened as a 3D part in Solidworks I am unable to form a suitbale shell or bounding surface if the .dxf is my body plan in Maxsurf. I have tried this with the perspective view as well.

    My goal is to create a rendered surface with some thickness. I then want to define the surface as composite laminate plys with orientation, reinforcements, balanced/unbalanced, symmetric, whatever.

    I have already been through the circus of different files: IGES, 3dm, ACIS, dxf etc. Even considered the plethora of FEA software packages and tried several. However before I perform the analysis I need to define the shell or bounding surface from the wire frame that makes up the hull and deck.

    My project is a 3man outrigger canoe that I have originally created using Maxsurf. I intend to build a male mold over which I will cold-mold the hull. The specs measure 34' L 18" beam. I have built a few boats but this is my first cold-mold. Someone please help
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    You can definitely export IGES to SolidWorks from Maxsurf. Make sure you set the export data type to be surfaces (it defaults to lines) and match the units to the receiving model.
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