Faulty new ignition coil(s)

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by valvebounce, Sep 10, 2015.

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    Hi PB,
    I sorted out the problem with your advice,thanks.
    One of the coils had been manufactured slightly out of line with it's fixing plates,this was causing the coil HT connection to be slightly out of line with the hole through the armature plate,and it wouldn't adjust to centralise the coils.
    I got a pal to put pressure on the coil plates with a screwdriver to centralise them,and tightened them up.The engine fired up no problems.
    The pressure applied was to force the HT lead and grommet over slightly in the hole,not to alter the coil fixing in between the plates.
    The supplier in Germany has contacted Sierra Marine and they have asked me to clarify the problem,which I have.They said they would like to clarify the fault
    so they can check their present stock for the fault.
    Thanks for your advice,it has been very handy
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