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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by wannabeboater, Jul 14, 2009.

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    I have been a way sailing on my catamaran for a few days (something everyone on this forum should do at least once a week!) On my return I was surprised by the number of posts in just a few days.

    Some aren't helpful. Telling you to get a monohull is like telling someone on a travel forum who asks about flying to go by train as it is statistically safer.

    I have my own questions, a comment and a couple of suggestions

    Questions first:
    Will your children be considered "crew" or "passengers"? If the former then the boat must be sized so they can be useful. If the latter then the boat must be sized so you can single hand at all times.
    How long do you plan to be on board before flying home? You won't be sailing much during the hurricane season in the tropics, so will you go home, land travel or stay on board??
    How long do you plan to cruise for? How long do you plan on keeping the boat? Is it a one year sabbatical or several years or "for ever"? Will you stop sailing if any of your family don't like it?

    Comment: You say you want performance. Yet you haven't said anything that bears that out. I would have listed as requirements at least some of the following:
    A boat that allows you to see all the sails (including spinnaker) on both tacks. Harken deck gear. A triradial spectra mainsail as standard. Able to reef safely from the cockpit singlehanded when sailing on either tack. You get the idea?


    You stop reading this forum and instead look at the ones offering crewing positions and something like to get on some charters on different multihulls this summer. Then in the winter you (and your family) will have a better idea of what you really want. Many people are happy to take guests out for a daysail, especially if it allows them to extol the virtues of their own boat.

    I would also suggest you go to John Lombardi's yard in Virginia. There is a Atlantic 42 and 55 there, maybe also a 48. Also a mile away is the second Transit 38, one that John helped build.

    Best wishes

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs

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    For your questions: they are passengersm but may help out as we teach them.
    I plan on being board for 1 year at the most.
    Stay on board during hurricane season, hopefully i can get out before it occurs.
    I plan on keeping it until i want bigger and better, or just don't enjoy it.
    If my family doesn't like it i will singlehand a lot letting them do their own thing on the boat unless they choose otherwise.
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