Farr one-ton "No Justice" ex Gin, do you have any info?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Lord Booster, Jan 29, 2022.

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    Info about "No Justice" ex GIN from former owner Terry Nicolls at FB: "From what I know, my boat was built in Hampton, VA for the North American One Ton Championship around 1976 or 79. She was originally owned by a surgeon from Philadelphia. The builder was Gene Hinkle. She was then owned by a bond trader on Long Island and was still called Gin. He donated her to the USNA where my brother in law and I purchased the boat and renamed her No Justice after a rebuild and paint job.", see: IOR landfills? | Signature XPRO Jan 29 at SA responding to the idea that the one-tonner "No Justice" ex GIN is Export Lion: "There was one more in the US , the 1979 Co... https://www.facebook.com/groups/203537404677541/posts/463265082038104/
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