Fairing compound sanding problems continue!

Discussion in 'Materials' started by drewpster, Sep 26, 2006.

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    drewpster Unlubberly

    I saw a guy on TV use Mas epoxy and fillers as a fairing compound. My crazy do-it-myself mind somehow came to the conclusion that I should use Mas epoxy to coat then sand fair the badly damaged surface of my boat's deck. It is an old boat with a plywood and fiberglass deck. You may recognize me as posting an earlier thread concerning the difficulty I was having sanding the compound. Well the troubles continue! I finally got what I am calling the last coat of compound on the deck and I am finding areas that have pits through the whole surface! Obviously I am going to have to come up with some sort of glazing to fill the pits before priming. I will admit I am no professional, and there could be a hundred things I am doing wrong using this stuff, but come on! Mas advertises this stuff as a hard, easy to sand fairing compound. It is supposed to leave a smooth ready to paint surface after sanding. I am finding none of the above to be true. It is difficult to apply, near impossible to sand and now that I am finally getting it to smooth out what do I find? Pitting! I for one will be using a different product on the rest of the finishes of the boat. If you value you elbows stay away from Mas epoxy as a fairing compound. I have been to the website and it offers only the most basic of information. I have spoken to the Mas guy on the phone at the "lab" and he acted like I was bothering him. Now that I have vented, does anyone recommend a glazing I could use to get this deck smooth?
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    2 words: Quick Fair :)

    Its much smoother than what you can mix yourself. For big fairing jobs i mix my own, but the last "finish" fairing is always done with the Quick Fair.
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    Quick fair is the way to go.
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