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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by ksr158, Apr 16, 2012.

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    hi im looking for work anywhere in the world fairing and painting superyachts i dont have a cv but can tell you a bit about myself, im 31 live in poole dorset iv been working on the boats about 4-5 years working in southampton for parmer johnson then went off to work in barcalona for a few months, i also worked for paul hoskins working at sunseeker and also spent some time working for norko doing a bit of gel finishing, i can do all aspects of fairing work filling boarding ect and i can also spray primer. im not worryed about long hours as im know the job needs to be finished. if you do look at the and know of any work going plz contact me ssnooks158@hotmail.co.uk

    many thanks steve.
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    hi steve i am the marine coatings manager at oceania marine coatings in new zealand and we have alot of work coming up if you could contact me on andys@oceaniamarine.co.nz thanks
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