Extream boat reasurch, Advice needed

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by robbie2161, May 11, 2009.

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    Hi nice forum!

    I’m currently doing a parametric study as I’m going to design a long range economical transitional motor yacht with a length of about 70 feet maybe longer,

    The study has different sections with different relevancies, it is a spread sheet in exel so that I can produce graphs and the first section is all the motor yachts 50 to 70 feet things like princess farretti, bertram ect so that I can compare a production yacht my design

    The second part is the same spread sheet layout but with boats like earth race more extream than I would like being designed solely to break records,

    And the third is a study on boats in-between, such as the Steve Dashew “Wind horse” or the FPB 83 and the Multiamarine yard producing VSV “Mary slim”

    Any information about boats in the latter two categories or where I could find such information would be fantastic and much appreciated.
    Any ideas or technology would be great as well

    Many thanks Robbie2161
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