Extra floatation to avoid full capsize

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by trip the light fandango, Oct 9, 2019.

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    The problem with mast top flotation devices is that they do not prevent capsizes. They may prevent the boat from completely turning turtle. However, in the sea conditions a cruising cat capsizes, and the speed at which it does it, the flotation device would have to be very large and deploy very fast to be effective. Shortening sail and self-release sheet clutches are better ways of preventing capsizes. Of course there is nothing better than good seamanship.
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    You are right to say that mast top flotation devices is that they do not prevent capsizes. But it is also true that some of the best navigators in the world have overturned with their ships. That is why to prevent capsizing, something else is needed.

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    Thank you those that added to this thread, before it gets covered over by more current threads there's some points that it are probably worth making..low volume floats are slower but safer.. but by the time you've added cruising extras some added volume can be compensated .. somewhere around 95 to 120% is likely.,this is extra load on structure, fast trimarans like to be light. If a float was designed like Dolfimans proposal and the top of the float was designed to foil/drive to the surface when most of the lee hull is submerged, increasing the volume could be safe[r],.. as long as the trimaran doesn't lose too much forward momentum. No particular order,..just for the acronym..ha

    Floatation in the head of the sail.
    Extra floatation contained in hulls to counter swamping.
    A short strong mast,low volume floats
    Reserve buoyancy midship a gunwale height
    Extra diligence ,reef early
    Don't cleat main in gusty weather when pushing hard
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