External Tank definition problem in hydromax

Discussion in 'Software' started by ilgazcan, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. ilgazcan
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    i want to describe external (non-structural) tanks inside of the hull in hydromax.But i cant do this via compartment definition in hydromax.Because my tank has taper along body plan.I have searched to hydromax help and i have learned that i cant describe those kind of tanks via compartment definition.I must model those tanks as external tank and i must model those tanks border plates in maxsurf as hull surfaces.That is OK.i did this. But the question is How can i define this tank surfaces as Buoyant volume and hoe can i calibrate this tanks in hydromax and how can i see result of the tank calibration in the loadcase window.

    Best regards.
  2. aztek
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    I have googled this and found nothing but jacuzzis and the ocasional sail boats.
    Is this it?
  3. Andrew Mason
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    Firstly, can you clarify whether these are internal or external tanks. If the tank was genuinely external to the hull, for example a stand alone tank above deck, you would model it using normal maxsurf surfaces as part of the buoyant volume of the hull.

    If the tank is internal, but not bounded by the hull surfaces, model the tank using Maxsurf surfaces, but set their surface type in the the Surface Properties dialog to "Internal Structure", this means that they will not be included as part of the hull volume, but will be available for use as tank and compartment boundaries.

    Hope this helps.
  4. ilgazcan
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    ilgazcan Junior Member

    OK Mr. Andrew i have solved my problem by your recipe.thanks for your information.
    Best regards

  5. zeroname
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    zeroname Naval Architect

    i need help regarding workshop .... how can i define a frame as webframe and main frame ? or how to give the frame shape L (for main frame) and T shapre ( for websframe) ?

    i was going to add plate at the f'castle but i cant trim the plate .. is it possible?

    and , how to add stringer at the inner bottom plate ?
    student ..just learning :)
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