Extending Glassmaster S258 4ft

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by JohnnyO, May 20, 2008.

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    JohnnyO Junior Member

    Long Time Lurker - 1st time poster.

    I recently purchased a Glassmaster S258 Aft Cabin out of Miami.

    I have a family with 5 boys and was looking for something to "butcher" / modify for a combo camping / putting vessel for the lakes and rivers around our area.

    I will be posting pictures of the 25ft GM in the next few days and then describe what I am wanting to do. I have recently yanked out the Mercruiser and stern drive as I will be replacing with a diesel inboard.

    My current plans are to add 4ft to the stern in as close as possible the same shape as the rest of the boat, but with a sealed aluminum construction to add addtional floatation. I will only be coming up 3ft from the water line and will have a deck for seats (like on our pontoon boat)...

    I am not planning on going more then 8kts - 12kts max... This going to be just a "putter" ... The small diesel is to make it economical for long range multi-week trips down the ICW.

    IF someone has done this type of work - adding length to the stern of a boat, I'd like your input and critique as this project progresses. Any and all input from anyone is welcomed.

    Warm Regards and look forward to participating here finally :)

    Lake Arthur, Louisiana 70549
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    Johnny O,

    Did you ever extend your Glassmaster? I'm considering adding four feet to a 22-foot C-Dory and would like to hear how your project went.


    Tom Herrick
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