Expedition sailing and the yacht Seamaster/Antartica

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by RThompson, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. RThompson
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    RThompson Senior Member

    Hi there,

    Does anyone know where I might find information on the late Peter Blake's expedition yacht Seamaster (formerly Antartica).
    Who designed it? who built it? drawings? etc etc.

    I am also interested in any other similiar vessels - that is: polar/expediton suitable sailing yachts with a potential for research.

  2. Tad
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    Tad Boat Designer

    Currently named Tara, see http://www.taraexpeditions.org/

    Built 1989 as Antarctica for Jean-Louis Etienne at Shipyard SFCN near Paris. Design by Olivier Petit & Luc Bouvet.

    There is a close copy with twin unstayed balestron rig, built in Brazil I think? She is called Paratii 2 and owned or sailed by adventurer Amir Klink

  3. RThompson
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    RThompson Senior Member

    Thanks Tad,

    Although the infomation you gave me puts me far ahead of where I was, I have still not been able to dig up much technical data.
    Now waiting on a reply from the designers.
    Thanks again.
  4. venomousbird
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    venomousbird Junior Member

    Adventurer? That's a career I would enjoy!
  5. Guest62110524

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    that was impressive Seamaster, some of the alloy work was tricky, rolled deck edges with much compound, very strong, basic, really thick insulation, big vee engined mercedes main, really serious anchor handling chocks, lot of experience in the metalwork
  6. edo ankum
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    edo ankum New Member

    Long Tall Sally expedition sailing vessel

    Hi, I am currently coordinating the design and construction of 33 mtr sailing expedition yacht Long Tall Sally. Design filosophy matches seamaster/tara and paratii2. Vessel will be suited for destinations well off the beaten track with passengers, researchers and/or camera teams. The project is initiated in the Netherlands, design Gerry Dijkstra (Dijkstra & Partners Naval Architects, www.gdnp.nl) and for the moment the www.longtallsally.nl website is mainly in Dutch (sorry). Pics and design sketches speak for themselves though. We are currently looking for two co owners to participate in this unique project.
  7. messabout
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    messabout Senior Member

    You may be able to google up some information on the artic and antarctic explorer FRAM. It is a hundred year old design by Colin Archer. It is the boat used by Amundsen in his polar quest, prior to that by another Norwegion who sought the north pole by deliberately causing the boat to become ice bound. He was planning to exploit ice drift to carry the ice bound boat to the polar region. Needless to say, FRAM was hell for strong. It is now in its tomb in Oslo. It is also said to be an object of great pride for the Norweigians. Get a copy of January '09 National Geographic. Much info about FRAM and its intrepid operators as well as a story about 2 modern polar adventurers who used parasails (instead of dogs) to ski and drag kayaks from the polar region, 600 miles or so to some east coast islands.

  8. gp333
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    what type of sails have this yacht?
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