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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by boatbuilder41, Mar 17, 2013.

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    I am asking you experianced professionals on here for your honest opinion. My latest build is a 28 foot hull with a 2 foot overhang on the stern.it has acabin on the bow.i built it to have 360 degree visibility sitting or standing .13,500 btu marne air conditioner with heat. Totally inverter powered with seperate banks totally isolated from each other.it has dual stations with auto pilot at each helm.it seems to be real efficent. IT IS powered by a caterpillar marine 3126 300 hp .zf 220a 1.5/ 7 degree down angle gear.it holds 196 gallons of fuel. It runs 29.6 knots .i keep it on a trailer. It launches and loads as easy as a bass boat considering you have a full size truck.i am new here and i dont know how to post pics with this thread. Please look on my gallery. I am considering producing more of these. I am seeking honest input from professionals and consumers. It can also be seen in NATIONAL FISHERMAN MAGAZINE MARCH 2013. ALL INPUT GOOD OR BAD IS GREATLY APPRECIATED...........THANKS, Brian Barfield
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    Any drawings or photos???
  3. Submarine Tom

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    Looks good but your gallery collection is a bit limited.
  4. dskira

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    I agree, can we see more?

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    I took the liberty of viewing your profile and found some basic pictures. Firstly, A good looking, functional boat with lots of character.
    My comments are based on the photos (assuming this is the correct boat) and subject to updates should more detailed information become available.

    1. Assuming the boat will be in 'open' water & judging by the scuppers, the cockpit sole appears low. This appears to be a large cockpit and should therefor be "quick draining": Using ABYC a 28' boat should have at least 6"+ freeboard. The scuppers (or freeing ports) could probably be larger so there is no water on deck to compromise stability through Free Surface Effect. Make sure that all hatches are watertight and can be secured.
    2. May not be necessary on this hull but - take the spray rail to the bow, perhaps. Might make short, choppy seas a bit drier & more comfortable.
    3. Check the cabin side tumblehome. About 1:12 (5 deg.) can improve the appearance.
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