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    marine designer 3D Yacht Designer

    Thanks Buck.
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    what are the dimensions youre looking at on that puppy

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    Burak Acar

    Mr. Rednall;

    I am a naval architect and also have MSc degree. I have graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Naval Arch. and Ocean Eng., Turkey, in 1998. I also worked at the University of New Orleans as a research engineer in 2001. During the project being carried out at University of New Orleans, we have implemented "Six Sigma" systems to increase the productivity and the effectiveness of the production phases at Avondale Shipyard with Dr. Bahadir Inozu. At the moment I work at a yacht design company in Turkey as a partner of the company. I use AutoCAD and Rhino Softwares for design and 3D modelling and styling and I use other related softwares for engineering calculations.

    I have been making custom designs and also we giving coslutnacy services at the shipyards during the construction phase of my designs. I make designs according to the rules of classification socities, so I am familiar with the rules.

    In order to see my works, please visit http://www.poseidonltd.com web address. The company has two departments. I am the head of the naval department. All the works presented on the web-site belong to me.

    I have also manegarial experience. Between 2002 and 2005 I have been the president of the Chamber of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers of Turkey, Izmir Branch. During this time I also gave consultancy servises at the shipyards in design and production phases.

    I am planning to live and continue my career abroad and especially in Dubai.

    I have more than 8 years experience in ship design and building phases.

    For further information please contact me.

    Thanks and regards;

    Burak Acar
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