Everingham 18' 6" shallow v build

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Danny35, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Hey everyone, I am just starting to build a Everingham 18'6" v drive, I will be running a 384 stroker LS1, so far I have a Lunati 4340 forged crank, 4340 6.125" H beam rods, Mahle powerpak pistons and am about to purchase Edelbrock heads. I am half way through building a full aluminium trailer for it with 18" wheels. There is a few things I need which is a Argo v drive gear box %18 step up and riser headers, I have done hours of research on the headers and have decided to go with water jacketed through transom for heat reasons and the water injected ones get way to hot, if anyone has a good second hand pair must be stainless steel if not I will be building a set out of 316 ss and any advice will be appreciated.
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    Keep a lookout on ebay and craig's list for stainless marine and imco marine parts. Both high quality. Buy some beer or coffee for the local marina's mechanic who might know of some boats that have been sitting long enough they'll never be put back together.

    I'd like to see some photos of your boat. When you have time post some pics :)
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