Ever wondered why you SHOULD build a boat

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by redreuben, Apr 29, 2020.

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    Beautiful. If you can't do something smart, do something right.
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    If you accept that modern life has created various pandemics[physical and psychological] that eat into the life itself of all living things, an article like this and the book it references are immunization[truth] that can help begin to re establish greater quality of life for all. I'll share this article with my friends, thanks redeuben. A future that returned to having more free time to learn and engage in life,... time for the masses will be a boon for boat design.
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    Yes, an inspiring article thank you. In no way do I wish to contradict anything there but as the builder of five boats to date, I offer the following comments:
    • Getting one's hand dirty building, repairing, maintaining etc is far more rewarding than paying someone else to do the job, it also develops personal skill and self-reliance
    • You can do things "properly" in ways that a professional can rarely afford on any commercial project. For example, how many coats of epoxy will you apply vs what the pro can afford?
    • Within the limits of budget, facilities and skills, you may get what you want without compromises initiated by someone else
    The downside is that you WILL be limited by your personal choices, budget and skills. You may end up with something less practical or safe than a professional job. This is especially true of design unless you have extensive experience and knowledge

    The above does not just apply to boats. I live in the bush a long way from affordable services and over time have had to become reasonably proficient as a builder, welder, mechanic, electrician, plumber etc etc. That just might be a good example of the old adage "Jack of all trades, master of none" However, it provides considerable satisfaction to get a result that few "city-boys" could contemplate!
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    Creative input is satisfying, but within the constraints of what does not compromise safety or utility.

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    What is it? An attempt to do a "Support Group for Boatbuilders"?
    God knows I need one, now more than ever....
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