Estimator for Yacht Interior Co. in Dubai

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by arthurpollan, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Qualified candidates will have yacht interior background and be familiar with interior fit-outs, joinery and furniture, upholstery, and painting, etc.
    Must be able to interpret specifications, price tenders, and prepare contract documents.
    Should be fully conversant on preparation of spreadsheets. Knowledge of Timberline software would be a plus.
    Compensation will be commensurate with skills and experience.
    Reply with CV to:
  2. dskira

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    It will be nice you present yourself to the forum.
    It is great to want to hired people, but they will send CV to an unknown person with an unknown company.
    Who are you? Are you a hiring middle man?
    Working in Dubai is the closest think you can find to hell, so you should be more open of the condition and for whom you work for.
    Did you work yourself in Dubai?
  3. arthurpollan
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    I am a recruiter for the marine industry and have spent the better part of my life building boats/yachts. While Dubai is the next thing to hell, it provides an opportunity for people to weather the economic storm. No one is asking that anyone retire over there.
    If you have a secure job with regular income then you should not respond to the job posting.
    The client company is confidential to protect my interest until I receive a CV.
    If you so desire, I can provide you with credible, well-know references.
    Hope that answers you concern.
    Art Pollan
  4. dskira

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    Art, so many people try the Dubai stunt. When you ship the selected guy you are paid , and the sucker is not paid, and sometime his passport is confiscated until the job is done. And Dubai is not a place to be to weather any economic storm, since they are in a big downturn themself.
    So when I see two word together: yacht and Dubai, I feel ancy.
    You are certainly very honnest, and also certainly a very good boatbuilder but I have two of my friend caught in this Dubai stunt.
    As for me, I am confortable and not need a job.
    Well Art, I wish you good luck.

  5. apex1

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    That Dubai scam is long out of fashion.

    Who needs a job in Dubai?

    Asked for ALL, but never payed, like all the unlucky slaves from India And Pakistan.
    A unemployed European has a better life staying at home counting his toes.

    Recruiters are the best thing which could happen to governements (and themselves) after inventing the colour TV.

    Go for the "I made my life by hooking" site, or "the everyday"


  6. watchkeeper

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    Everyone in the industry which you should know is a very small pond knows the interior company is Greenline Interiors - Yachts div managed or used to be by a very unpleasant Irishman - a man with the mental ability of a pitbull.
    GL still exists even though super yachts industry remains quiet and Dubai broke because the Lebonese owner perfected the art of separating gullible Arabs from their money doing palace and hotel project fit outs.
    Unfortunately for our industry in 2005 he discovered there was money to be made in superyachts.
    GL first few yacht fitouts were a disaster and as was then and still continues to be the treatment of expats employees.
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