Equating a trolling motor to oars?

Discussion in 'Electric Propulsion' started by MushCreek, Dec 20, 2020.

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    Possibly. Keep all conductive parts of the same material, the same alloy (brass, for example). Use the upper pintle and gudgeon, cover in a heavy coating of epoxy. Then, if it gets wet, it only might bleed a little electricity to the water if a wave hits it. It shouldn't cause corrosion or short the circuit. At least, I think.
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    I once did a similar project, taking apart the upper part of the troller. I fitted a crossbar to the shaft and brought forward port and starboard steering lines. I added lengths of wires and had the controls forward next to my seat. Range against strong river current was not great.
    This was done in a canoe so I could motor and paddle simultaneously.
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