epoxy type material for wet exhaust

Discussion in 'Materials' started by H A van Nes, Dec 7, 2016.

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    can anyone help with a suggestion for a type of epoxy or polymer to wet out fiberglass to fabricate an exhaust fitting for a 4" wet exhaust. There are several fiberglass fittings sold but I need a custom shaped ''S" curve. Presently there is a fiberglass muffler and Y fitting on the line and they have performed well for several years. I want the "S" curved pipe to simplify the installation. Until now I have be bending a length of 4" wire would exhaust hose and it is extremely difficult.
    The engine runs at 200 degrees so I think I need something that when cured will withstand 250 degrees. I see several aluminum filled products from CPD (composite Polymer design) at Endurance Technologies. Are there any others?
    I am posting this in the construction materials and the power forums.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Basalt fiber has been developed especially for this use but I do not know of any epoxy that could stand up to 250 deg. All I know is some polyimide resin cures at 350 degree. Phenolic resins are also high temperature but it is more of an ablative type. The surface burns forming a carbon layer which is a good insulator thus preventing the succeeding layer from burning.

    We were successful in fabricating wet type mufflers with high temp epoxy but it is only good when the water spray is functioning. Once the spray stops, the laminate starts to burn. Try Vetus. I know they have some high temp rubber exhaust tubes.
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    High Temp and FR, VE resins work for this, there are several around, the only problem may be finding a small amount. Check with your local supplier, or Composites One.

    Answered in both forums.
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    I would really like to know what is Hi Temp and VR and also VE resins.
    How about a brand name as an example?

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