Epoxy Resin Infusion - mech properties of resin to look for

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by isvflorin, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Hi All,
    I'm currently looking around to see what epoxies are available in the area and was comparing some spec sheets. Looking for some advice of specs to look for. Process is infusion of sandwich composite, some vac bagging as well.

    Besides the obvious gel time which is dictated by how large the job is, what to look for in a spec sheet? Please keep thread informative and factual.

    I'm guessing there are 3 main properties to look for and compare from vendor to vendor:
    1. Tensile strength
    2. Elongation at break
    3. Viscosity

    Modifiers offer trade-offs between these parameters. I'm mostly interested in the elongation at break property. What are you using and why ? I assume you would want the fibers to brake before the matrix breaks so what percentage is considered a threshold for the resin and beyond what percentage is more than enough. I've seen resins with Elongation at break between 2-7% on the market. The threshold I guess is given by the type of fiber you work with + some extra to make sure fibers break first ?

    What else to look for ? What are you using ?
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