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    morning people. happy new year. quick question. i am building a ply outboard pod and am tacking the pieces together as i go. can i glass tape and epoxy the joins or do i have to pull the thing apart and glue each join before i can do the fillet with the tape. i hope i make sense. basically i am lazy and hoping i can get away without pulling it to bits. but i don't want to have issues later on.
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    Nope... You have to pull it apart and get glue right across all mating edges...
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    no worrys thanks for the reply. i thought that would be the case .
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    1 more question. when i get to the fillet stage how thick do i make the epoxy. like margarine or cream. and will a layer of cloth between each layer of ply add a lot of strength.
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    If you have a good gap between "tacks", you can leave it in place and "butter" the rest as you lay the fillets. This assumes you can and have gotten all the end grain and other exposed wood, with a wet out coat, prior to filleting.

    Epoxy viscosity is mixed to suit the job. Vertical and overhead work needs to be a nonsagging mix, like peanut butter, while flat work can live with a looser mix, say heavy cream. On fillets, you don't want it to slowly settle as they cure, so the mix should be pretty stiff.

  6. whitepointer23

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    excellent. thanks groper and par.
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