EPA and Builders

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by PROPGUNONE, Jun 19, 2018.

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    Trying to find information on this, but outside of “people are moving to infusion techniques,” it’s been kind of tough....

    EPA has a manual that says what builders are required to meet in terms of VOC releases. The manual itself is hard enough to follow and requires you to look at every product you use, the method by which you apply it, and then figure out what your VOC ‘footprint’ is per year, then they restrict those numbers. I spent the morning searching, but I can’t figure out how it is that builders are ensuring compliance. Are the numbers they mandate large enough that the “average” builder meets them readily, or is it something everyone looks at but doesn’t talk about?
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    This I wouldn't worry about until you get into it more than 10-15 boats. I think the EPA won't matter much pretty soon anyway because present policy seems to be "Me Ne Frega".
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    Present policies change quickly, and me do frego anyway. Just curious.

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    Forgive the rant

    Be very scared. The EPA is more concerned with collecting fines for violating its policy than protecting the environment. The regulation is purposefully convoluted that no one understands how to comply. If they were serious about voc reduction then they would have targeted voc producers/importers not end users. But the big guys have powerful lobbies and lawyers, unlike us little guys.

    The EPA makes the law, then sends warrentless agents who impose fines. Where is the "seperation of powers" our founding fathers fought to establish?

    Where is the presumption of innocence if we must maintain a log to prove compliance? Shouldn't the 5th amendment protect us from the information contained in these logs being used as "self incriminating" evidence?

    This is nothing but governmental extortion. It targets small manufacturers who can't afford massive legal teams.
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