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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Landlubber, Jul 31, 2007.

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    Hi folks,
    Could someone please supply a table of required engineroom vent sizes for different horsepower ranges. Specifically I require answers in the 200 to 600 hp range and have not been able to find any satisfactory answers yet.
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    This is probably not what you are looking for but here is a graph on my web site based on air flow and compartment volume. What you seem to really want to know is how many cubic feet per minute the engine uses. If you knew that then you coild match that to a blower and vent sizes to handle the amount of air you need. Engine manufacturers probably have the information you are looking for http://newboatbuilders.com/pages/airflow.html

    The ventilation page on my web site is: http://newboatbuilders.com/pages/vent.html
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    You should specify diesel of gas engine. The diesel is running with a large air surplus for best efficiency so it is important. Contact any Volvo Penta facility and ask them to read from the installation manual for a suitable engine. I have seen it for diesels at one point, I think it is about 1.9 x power (kW) in cm2 air duct consumption and then 1.65 x power (kW) for ventilation (both in and out).
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