Engine Wont Turn.

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by LMannyR, Jul 25, 2007.

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    So the Carb cover says it's a merc. Who knows. The size doesn't jive with the block casting id 10066036.

    Anyhow. It's an I/O. Can't tell what make/model the drive it is. The drive does not have any markings. Maybe someone can help identify it (pics below).

    So I pulled the the exhaust, intake, and heads. Everything looks (pics below) okay to me except for water in 2/8 cylinders. The crank still does not turn. This leads me to believe the drive has something to do with it.

    Is it possible for the drive to freeze the engine even though the throttle is in neutral? The drive is all banged up. I bought this as a project so who knows.


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    That looks to be a mid 1980's era Mercruiser, with an Alpha drive.

    Your throttle isn't physically attached to the shift linkage, which may be your problem. The shift linkage may be frozen, bound or detached, try to get neutral by manually moving the shift rod after you've removed the control cable.

    The drive will have a serial number on the outside of the upper gear case. The engine serial number is in the usual location, for the specific original manufacture (there are several possibilities), though Mercuiser usually also includes its own engine plate, which is glued or other wise fastened to the top of the engine somewhere, like a valve cover.

    If there's water in the number 2 and 8 bores, then there's water in the crankcase, which is a likely cause for your frozen engine.

    Yank the engine and drive then disassemble. The cause will be come obvious, judging by your photos. A Mercruiser repair manual would be a wise investment. They cost about 30 bucks. Re-doing a drive unit isn't a job for the novice. If the transom plate and gimble ring are in good shape, then new or remanufactured upper and lower cases can be purchased.
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