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Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by honda600js, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Hi. Im new to this forum hope someone can help, I have a 1989 VIP 17ft boat and has a 2.3 OMC engine in it and it has an internal crank in the engine, I need to replace the engine but the OMC is quite hard to find reasonable, doe anyone know if the 89 Ford ranger 2.3 compatable with my boat, I know is have to change manifolds and such, I can fond one with very low miles but don't want to waste the $$ on it if it wont work for some reason, my boat is in fresh water all the time no salt near me so if anyone can help id really appreciate it so would my children there really bummed that its down, I cant afford a new boat so I gotta repair thie one, thanks everyone, James
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    I think it will work. There were different manifolds on the ranger & mustang. I'm a merc guy not omc and not too familiar with these ford engines. The OMC used the mustang engine I think. Check if the manifolds will fit. The starter should be fine and the other marine parts. Good luck.
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