Engine Power Calculation

Discussion in 'Software' started by internetturk, Oct 17, 2006.

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    internetturk Junior Member

    I have a small boat
    L= 19 m
    B= 4 m
    dep= 47 ton
    V= 15 Knot
    EHP= 3865 HP

    Do you have a simple software for this any engine power calculation?
  2. Çemberci
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    Dear Turk
    Türkiyeden aradığına göre adaş sayılırız.
    Bu isteğine yardımcı olabilirim oktay@cembercidenizcilik.com a
    Oktay Çemberci
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    RANCHI OTTO Naval Architect

    EHP = 3865:confused:

    For Vk=15 knots and 47t displacement > BHP = 1000 hp abt.

  4. nautical
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