Engine+Jet complete package wanted!

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by Alugator, Mar 13, 2009.

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    Hi there,

    We are looking for a jet manufacturer who could supply us with a complete package including engine and jet. We need some kind of a very small package such as the one installed on jetskis, or such as Weber's which is the only brand we found. HP should be maximum or less than 100HP.

    Any idea?

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    Just one? I have a set been in a jetski.. come and get it :D Have to wait untill summer thou it's buried in the snow.. somewhere..
  4. jbm
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    motor pump

    we have one in 65hp-80hp yamaha 2 cylinder 2 stroke and a 5.5 in. pump if you think this is in your range you can reach us at 406-677-4242 bill www.jetboatsofmontana.com
  5. apex1

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  6. New FNM 110 hp, cheap and compact http://fnm-marine.com/fnm/home_dett.php?lang=eng&id_home=15

  7. Landlubber
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    Try GE, they make great small packages
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