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    My name is Mohammad Sharifi.
    I’m a naval architect.

    I have some experience about catamaran design (reverse engineer)
    Also I have experience for design and shop drawing for hall merchant ships.
    Now I am Responsible for Auxiliary machinery in design office of Isoico Ship Yard in IRAN.

    I speak Persian and English. I now live in Iran but I’m ready to go anywhere.
    I have certificate for TRIBON software (outfitting Modules) and I am professional in AUTOCAD and EXCELL. Also I can work with mechanical desktop, mars and Microsoft project.

    Best regards
    Mohammad Sharifi

    Po Box: 79145-3736 Bandar Abbas, Iran
    Address: 37km west of Bandar Abbas, ISOICO ship yard, new ship building part, design office, machinery Dept.
    Tel: +98 763222 3415
    Fax: +98 763222 3278
    Mobile: +98 912 251 5652
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    dear mammad
    Reference to your resume seeking for a position in our Shipyard, please
    furnish us with the following particulars
    i) Are you presently working?
    If yes, where and in what position.
    ii) How long notice period you have to submit if you are selected to
    Work with us.

    iii) What is your present address?

    iv) How do we contact you besides E-mail. Do you have the
    teleconversation number.
    If you do, please forward to us.

    v) What is your expected salary in USD currency.

    Best Regards,
    hassan esmaeili
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