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    Major boat manufacturer located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida is seeking an experienced
    supervisor for our lamination department. You must have excellent organizational, communication and motivational skills and a strong understanding of fiberglass and laminate schedules. Responsible for planning, scheduling, training, performance and quality

    Additional responsibilities include reviewing current product for improvements to construction, running performance, along with helping identify ways to increase efficiency, and productivity in the manufacturing process.

    Must project a professional image with the ability to lead, manage, and communicate to all levels
    Ability to effectively manage and deliver on many projects at once. Must be a self -starter and able to work with minimal instruction or supervision.

    Please send resume and salary requirements to:

    Email: jmartin@donzimail.net

    U.S. Mail: Donzi Marine
    Po box 987
    Tallevast, Florida 34270
    Att. HR

    Fax: 941-739-1433
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