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    Our client is looking for an Industrial Designer. As a member of the Product Design Engineering Group, the Industrial Designer is integral to the development of new models and the modification of existing yachts. Will include conceptual development from rough concept to details; prototyping (clay, rendering, sketches, foam core); interior design including wood construction, hardware and upholstery; fiberglass tooling and lamination knowledge; mechanical systems knowledge. Will also utilize project management and presentation skills. A minimum of 3-5 years of Design Experience in the Marine Industry and a Bachelors Degree in Industrial/Product Design are required. Systems Experience - AutoCad 2D and 3D; Rhinoceros or equivalent.

    If you or someone you know is interested, please email resume in Word Format to Thomas Freund at tfreund@scsarasota.com. You may contact Thomas Freund at 941-365-5151.
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    Job Oppertunity

    Looking for part time or full time employment.
    I am a Westlawn Grad. with 5 years experience building and designing FRP Power Boats both for production and custom jobs. I am also a licensed captain with 6 years in the charter industy to draw from. I specialize in fishing boats and light weight high speed powerboats.

    If you are looking for someone with fresh ideas and real life experience, Please send me an E-mail.


    Brian Helms

    Our Clients currently seek 4 different Recreational boat BSME/naval engineer/ design engineers/router programmers or related with strong design skills in Boat industry( from hyrdraulics to cabin design laminates/composites to bulkheads to scantlings to FEA) These are very seperate and unique opportunities. Please send resume in word to bill@cadcamrecruiters.com all relo and fees paid. record of job stability a must. Bill wright www.cadcamrecruiters.com since 1981
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