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    I have just bought an ancient boat that needs complete renovation. As I looked I found all the old electric wires cut off and in single core black wire. I am English and in Holland so to find books in my language is not easy. Just something telling me what goes to where from where will get me started. Can anyone advise?
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    Hi Panadella. I am English In Thailand I too can not find books.

    Any to get back to your problem, what you are asking is basically a nighmare of a problem to solve at a distance. This would be a problem standing over it.

    Any way single black wiring on very basic systems is not unusuall.

    Do you want to re wire or literally get it 'started'

    No one can tell you how to re wire when they cant see it.

    However if you just want to start the engine I might be able to help. It is desel? isnt it?

    If you could get a book on boat wiring the diagrams do not involve language.
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    Go take a look at the electrical section of my web site and then at the links page. The electrical standards in the USA and in Europre are basically the same. Also there are links in my links page to the RCD which is the EEU rules for recreational boats.

    There are also books listed that you can purchase on-line or at book stores that sell boating books
    My web site is http://newboatbuilders.com (it's free) Enter the site. Look for the menu on the left. Ike's List is the links page. And about half way down the list is the electrical page
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