Electrically Energized Pontoon

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Matthew Lee Towne, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Matthew Lee Towne
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    Matthew Lee Towne Senior Member

    Hello All,
    In my quest for a better boat I've come up with the following idea for a electrically energized pontoon as an addition and/or replacement for a traditional motor and/or pontoons. The idea here is that the motor and batteries for an electrically powered pontoon could be contained in the addition of a third pontoon. Not only would this add the necessary buoyancy for the additional weight but would increase the overall buoyancy of the craft. This pontoon could use a variety of means of propulsion including, but not limited to jet, propeller, paddlewheel or other means of propulsion. I look forward to your input.
  2. TANSL
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    TANSL Senior Member

    I do not want to discourage you but it is very likely that I did not understand you well because I do not see any advantage in using three pontoons to achieve the same thing that could be achieved with just one. A single pontoon would be cheaper, have less draft, easier to build and probably more space for all the engines you want to place.
  3. Blueknarr
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    Blueknarr Senior Member

    Many party barge pontoon boats do house an engine inside of a pod hanging between the two primary pontoons.

    Some multi=hulls are designed to house engines, batteries, fuel, fresh water,waste tanks ect.

    The most common aluminum pontoons are too small for a technician to service any device concealed within. Much easier to service bateries ECT located on barge deck.
  4. Stan Iliev
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    Stan Iliev New Member

    before mounts I was finished for my client one idea-contract project for river passenger catamaran used electric motor with classic screw propeller. The electric power, motors gives from battery (BMW developed most compact) and solar energy. The Idea is smart .Share what is your development.

  5. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    Firstly, you need to define what you mean by "better boat". That is, what are the improvements you propose to achieve and how do you quantify them. Secondly, the changes you propose will cost you more than a new outboard plus the gas you'll use in a lifetime. Thirdly, the variety of means of propulsion will be heavy, take a lot of space and require several times the maintenance of a single system. I would guess the reliability will be worse.
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