Electric propulsion for small fantail launch

Discussion in 'Electric Propulsion' started by jconlin, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. Will Gilmore
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    Will Gilmore Senior Member

    Have you seen some of the bass boats they push along? And, they do it all day long too.
  2. jconlin
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    jconlin Junior Member

    We want to stick wi the existing conventional running gear.

    There’s an electric golf cart available nearby. Any thoughts in repurposing its components?

  3. Rumars
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    A golf cart will have all needed components, if you are lucky even the charger. The wiring harness will have to be adapted in lenght, so it fits the boat. Most motors do not have a front plate and bearing, those are integral to the differential and will have to be fabricated. The motor axle has an internal spline, you need the matching shaft from the differential. If you need the gear reduction you can use the entire differential, the ratio varies between 8-12:1.
    For you it does not matter if the motor is series, shunt or AC, just make sure all components come from the same model of cart.
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