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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by alabama mike, Aug 14, 2015.

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    alabama mike Trying to learn something

    I have a few questions concerning a project I am currently working on, I'm still in the early stages and i'll be honest not truly sure what I'm doing, LOL. I live on a rather large lake here in alabama, At the start of the summer we had a pedal boat that I added an old 10 lbs thrust trolling motor too, and then later built a roof and added a 45 watt harbor freight solar panel kit, on a sunny we could run the boat without a battery in it, which was fun in knowing that we could run on "sun Power".

    Well now I wanna step up my experiment, I have an old 24 foot pontoon boat, and was recently gifted an electric motor Its a ME0708 Montenergy, http://www.motenergy.com/me0708.html, I am using a Glen L design on the drive http://www.glen-l.com/designs/special/electricdrive.html,

    question #1, since the torque of an electric motor is greater than that of a gas engine, do I need to change the prop on the outdrive to take advantage of the instant torque?

    Question #2, does anyone know what my range might be? my thinking would be to use a 48v battery pack, not sure if I need 12 volt, 8 volt or 6 volt batteries.

    Question #3, I'm not sure how the solar panels work, can they be run in a way to make the 48 volts where I might be able to actually run this motor on solar power alone?

    Now to some of you these might sound like dumb questions, But I hate to say it messing with Electricity is way out of my knowledge range, I'm good with automotive style electronics there all 12 volts.

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Going to follow this thread carefully. Busy with a very similar project.
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