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Discussion in 'Electric Propulsion' started by Marck7948, Feb 5, 2019.

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    I have been looking for cheap motors, to use for a small boat. I have been looking online on eBay and I found this motor:
    24V Electric Motor Brushed 250W 2750RPM Chain For E Scooter Drive Speed Con W2X3.
    I was wondering if anyone had some possible options. I was planning on having two motors for more control. I would be grateful for any tips you might have

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  2. masrapido
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    Hi Marck, you won't get far with that motor no matter how small is you boat. It may push you around (especially if you have two of them), but they will heat up quickly. You will need a couple of kilowatts per each motor. There were cheap 1-5kW chinese motors on aliexpreess some time ago, and the company was selling controllers too. Worth having a look at the options. If I remember well, the cost was around 210 euros per motor for 1kW, plus a few more hundreds for controller. Look for Chinese outboard electric motor.
  3. Marck7948
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    Thank you for the quick reply,
    If anyone knows of any cheap motors, like these please let me know
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    masrapido is correct. Remember basic physics, 750W equals one hp. That motor would barely be adequate as a trolling motor for a canoe.

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