Easy to use CAD for boat interiors?

Discussion in 'Software' started by starcmr, Nov 8, 2021.

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    Any one know of an easy to use CAD for boat interiors? Not seeking a free one; all tho' free would be nice, just a simple to use.
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    Not the easiest but I find Rhino to be pretty good.
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    The problem is that most "simple" CAD programs are unsuitable for the more organic freeform shapes found in boats. This is not to say it can't be done; but really, for a one-off not using CAM, it is faster to draw by hand and do lifts directly from the as-built surface. Rhino is probably the go-to program for complex surfaces, but other surface modelers such as Blender can also be used. Because an interior is typically less organic than the hull, and it pays in fabrication to standardize on sizes and to use easy to fabricate simple geometric shapes, object oriented CAD such a Fusion 360 or SolidWorks can be used to generate the interior then dropped into and trimmed in a surface modeling program.
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