Dynel sheathing?

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by SeaWitch1939, Oct 29, 2014.

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  1. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    There are many people that Awlgrip over rot or other deterioration. They may be dumb, or sly and trying to cover damage. If you are willing to put enough time, money and effort, there is no boat that can't be restored.
  2. SeaWitch1939

    SeaWitch1939 Previous Member

    Thanks Steve

    Until i get her on the hard, I will not know the condition of the Dynel. I did have a diver go take a peek, he said (I know) the bottom looks good, no breaks in the coating. Said even the paint is holding. Above the waterline, it looks to me like the small cracks & bleeders are just the paint lifting a bit,
    and allowing some water to touch a few fasteners. I remain optimistic that i have caught it in time, and with a paint strip and inspection I think her planking is okay.

    I have had 3 wood boat guys look at her and tell me i'm over reacting to the small rust stains on the hull above the water line. Basically, exactly what you said, if her fasteners were that bad, she would show it with plank movement.

    Hope for the best....Expect the worse. Thanks for the kind words on her also.
  3. SeaWitch1939

    SeaWitch1939 Previous Member

    Yep, I get your point, and agree but.... not on this boat. Every person that owned her sailed her around the world and cruised. She has been showered with love from the 70's forward. The last owners did NOTHING for her, they purchased, and left her for dead, for what ever reason.....that was 2012 not 10-20 years ago. I caught her in time.
    The owners before that, refit her top to bottom 2007. The owner that really set her str8' was Bob Driscoll. I spoke with someone that sailed with him for a time around the Carib' on this boat, said he was very through in his care. I also have all the prior work receipts & hand drawings of her layout systems etc. He did the next owners and me very good.

    This is the reason for this thread, getting help on fixes. I could sit around pulling my hair out wondering the extent of damage below....But, until i get her on the hard why? My goal now is to make her safe enough to power up the ICW to the hard to find these things out. Thxs

    If anyone is interested in learning more about her, this link tells the history of her, her past owners, and lots of info.

  4. Steve W
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    Steve W Senior Member

    One thing about an old wood boat is that it is more time than money in doing the hull repairs,(assuming you are doing the work yourself) although you can spend a lot of $$$ if you refasten with bronze. I have never really felt that awlgrip was an appropriate paint system for an old wood boat. One of the nice things with planked boats is you don't need an expensive paint system as you can do a very nice job rolling and tipping with an amazingly small amount of enamel, ive painted a 36ft Chris Craft with not much more than a quart of Brightside as it all ends up on the boat and not in the air. When i first started boatbuilding in the early 70s we built a lot of cold molded boats, dynel sheathed and sprayed with reaction lacquer so they looked like fiberglass boats, at the same time a lot of fiberglass boats would have a lot of teak trim so they looked like wood boats, kinda humerous really.

  5. SeaWitch1939

    SeaWitch1939 Previous Member

    Yes I agree, awlgrip will not be my choice of paint once she is ready to do over. Boats like this (from my study) need to be repainted every two years or so..., so why spend all that money on a 10+ year protection? You would have to be nuts to think this boat will last 10+ years without a good checking out, and re paint. Also, It's not a easy fix...Awl'... if it cracks etc...Bad choice on paints i think. It's all coming off once she lands on the hard in MD.

    If everything looks okay after i strip her down (Paint) I will re-paint and splash her asap. I would prefer not to have her on the hard a long period, unless she tells me it's needed. I would not be surprised if that's the case, we shall see.

    Yes, all work will be done by me, with oversight from a few retired wood boat builders, in the MD area. She will be done right, and as built.

    The Lectacrap head system is coming out, in with a Wilcox
    The propane tanks and stove is gone, in with a Taylors Kero Stove
    Taylor Kero heating(classic brass) added in salon

    Only thing modern on the boat will be her elec. charging system (working) Solar panel.. working, The led lighting system.. working. The rest will remain as org. It's really shocking how org. she still is. I have watched the movie on her circumnavigation a few times, and 95% of the stuff in the movie is still on board. Org. interior trim all there.
    The past owners cared to keep her org as possible. I will do the same.

    A couple photos of the interior as she was around 2010, these owners owned her until 2012. That's when she was left to rot by the new owners in 2012. Only 2-3 years or so of neglect.
    Photos also prove she was well loved up to 2012.

    The last photo i took after spending a little time scrubbing the walls with Vingar and water. The paint has held up well, less some surface mildow/mold. That's the reason she is getting all the interior paint stripped off her very soon!

    Any other color then white down below? Humm????? That trim is in nice shape, what color would go well with it? Prob. stick with a white, but options are good too! [:

    PS: No... i did not use fantastic on the wood! I used vinegar & water. :D:p

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  6. Steve W
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    Steve W Senior Member

    Lovely classic interior, yeah, id stick with some shade of white to keep it as light down below as possible. If I remember right one of those Seawitches won a Transpac back in the day, could it be yours? i may be imagining it too. I think you will be a good caretaker, you have the right attitude. Btw, you might want to look at a composting toilet, they work great and don't need a holding tank, they have their detractors but I have yet to see anyone (myself included) who actually uses one who would go back to the complication, unreliability and unpleasant maintainance of a marine head and holding tank. Just putting it out there as an option. Keep up the good work.

  7. SeaWitch1939

    SeaWitch1939 Previous Member

    She is the boat that won in 1951 on corrected time. Her run in 51' was the fastest run ever in the race history up to that point, and it took others boats over a decade to beat it. Bragging aside HEHE, I would have to guess she just had a wicked sailing weather window that couple of weeks. :D She averaged 6.5 knots and did it in 14.5 days.

    Airhead indeed! I have researched them for years. It's possiable, only thing is...to a fault, when it comes to a old boat like this, i'm a traditionalist.
    No doubt the airhead is the best way to go, and to be honest, I prob. will. It's hidden in the head, will be the winning argument. :p
  8. bpw
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    My mistake on the bleeding screws, ignore them for now.

    Wind vane might be hydrovane, but hard to tell. There is a book written by the maker of Wind-pilot that details all the different types of gears. Its worth buying.

    You are still going to need a survey before you start restoring so why not do it now before spending money on the boat? Can't start a project like this without a good plan and you need to know the boats condition before you can make that plan.

    You really need to stop putting any faith in the old survey, its essentially worthless to you since you where not the one paying for it. The boat could be fine, or the past owner got his buddy to "survey" the boat so he could get insurance. I once had an insurance company let me use a survey that had been done by my father, and he was a part owner of the boat!

    My comment about attitude was a subtle hint to not let this thread go the way of the one on sailing anarchy, saying anyone who disagrees with you must be a non-sailor who hasn't done anything won't get you very far.

    If Gonzo has seen the boat you should pay attention to what he is saying, I don't always agree with him, but he knows boats.
  9. bpw
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    Its great you're trying to save the boat, but you should be very sure you have the resources to do it before you get to deep. Even if the boat is in good shape it will take a lot of time and money to get her ready to go cruising.
  10. Milehog
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    Milehog Clever Quip

    My information was bad. Congratulations and good luck!
  11. SeaWitch1939

    SeaWitch1939 Previous Member

    hey <removed>, 7 pages of info, good will SO FAR, until you come in here trolling <removed>. I'm going to iggy everything about you....Please stay out of my THREAD
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  12. SeaWitch1939

    SeaWitch1939 Previous Member

    Thxs all i'm out the MOD warned me for telling this goof ball to leave me alone.....Enough.. this guy has trolled me in 3 different forums on three different web sites. I will work on my boat, and stay private.

    Thank the mod for helping this troll, and thank the troll for running me off.

    Good luck all

    No future updates on this boat

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    I'm very sorry that you are so upset by his comment or with the insult you posted towards him being deleted, but I think you are simply taking his comment here wrong; at least his post above does not appear to have a personal insult included. Good luck with your project. I'm very sorry that you are not interested in posting about it without calling others names, and sorry it didn't work out. Best wishes and good luck with your project regardless.
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