Dutch barge model

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    thank you for your excellent info
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    French Canals

    'Revue Fluvial' magazine has a useful site for information about French canals:


    Click on the region, then on the canal, and it will show the maximum dimensions of the locks on that waterway. It also gives you a map showing locks, ports, halts, tunnels and swing-bridges.

    They have another page which will calculate a route, based on the size of the boat:

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    Bravo Mon Ami
    excellent stuff, Je va pratiquer mon français
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    Wallonian Canals

    Commes tu aimes autant, je te transmets un autre document en français. Voici une liste de tous les canaux en Wallonie (la partie Francophone de la Belgique).

    Summary : All the THROUGH canals in Belgium are big enough to take a ‘Spits’ (38m x 5m, 1.8m draft, 3.5m air draft). Some of the branches are shallower.

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    Merci beaucoup
    Il fait être veulent construire mon bateaux de rivière
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    Another aproach would be to leave the idea of designing yourself this boat ? With all the hours of reading this forum and others, i am sure of only one thing : it is a pipe dream that a person who is not a qualified NA can design a ship that is comparable in safety, structural integrity, etc to that of a real NA. Do not forget the fact that you will be a guinea pig, and that in case the boat is unsafe, you and your family could be injured or worse.
    Problem is that while searching, i could not find a real plan for a boat comparable to say the Luxemotors of euroship services, or others. Selway fisher type of plans does not inspire much confidence. 150 dollar plans...

    My question : do any of you know of a firm that is selling quality boat plans for dutch barges, type Luxemotor ? Cutting files included ?

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    Dutch Barge

    My company would be pleased to quote you for a Dutch Barge design package.
    We have been designing boats, yachts and other vessels since 1985 and provide an experienced, comprehensive and friendly service.
    We provide free design support after purchase and supply a comprehensive drawing package (typically around 35 drawings per design).
    If you would like to send us a few of your thoughts about your design we can provide a free arrangement drawing for your consideration.
    Our designs a fully detailled including hull, mechanical, electrical drawings, and cutting files. We design to EU and MCA standards throughout.
    Good luck with your project and I hope we can assist you in some way.

    Graham Westbrook
    Naval Architect
    Westbrook Marine Projects Ltd.
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    I would just like to state for the record that not everyone on this site shares that opinion.
  9. Dean Smith

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    including myself and many of my collegues, this is one( not a dutch lookalike ) that two from here designed and are not NA on paper
    but design school and experienced builder

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    Barge Drawings

    I found a link on the Piper Boats website to one of their builds, Elessina.

    On that page you will find a scan of an autocad drawing which might give you some ideas for the design. There are also lots of photos of the build.

    The design is by Nick Branson, and looks like a derivative of his popular Thomas design.
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